See Through My Eyes

by Kry.exe

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This is a cover/remake of See Through My Eyes by Kapten Floede av Filosoferna, my favorite demoscene artist.


Fun facts!

-I spent 7 hours (more or less) to do the intro (From 10 PM to 5 AM)
-The vocal chops (except for the TTS-spoken part) had to be extracted from the original song (ala shitty Youtube Acapella), which was hard, because 1) The original track is mono, 2) The original track is a <100kbps MP3
-I barely slept for 30 minutes when I was halfway through this (went to sleep, was too hype, woke up, kept working on it)
-It was recreated completely by ear
-The VSTs (synths) used were Nexus, EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Free and some samples
-I listened to the original song so many times that when I was trying to recreate the more complicated parts and didn't get them quite well, I was able to immediately tell what was wrong without having to listen to the original track again
-The original track has a TINY pitch shift, but it's enough to make it so it's dissonant when you play both versions simultaneously
-I downloaded the original song back in 2012 from (when it still worked to play music rather than just "Scrobble", whatever that is). Now, you can't find the original track ANYWHERE in the public internet (you can, however, find it in a private place: My MEGA folder).
-The _original_ cover photo was a panoramic photo of Assembly 200X filtered through a color filter. The cover photo I put up now is a royalty-free black-and-white eye to which I applied a simple full-spectrum color gradient on top of the iris and overlayed it with a picture from MilkyTracker.
-I spent about 3 hours to make some bass parts because the dude that composed the original track decided to go a little wild with notes...
-The total time spent recreating this track is about 22 hours.

You can check out the original artist over here:

Nectarine Demoscene Radio:




released February 18, 2017
Karl Ahlstedt (aka Kapten Floede av Filosoferna)
Arrange by Kry.exe



all rights reserved


Kry.exe Buenos Aires, Argentina

Composer from Buenos Aires Argentina. Main software used: FL Studio, MilkyTracker, and LSDJ.

Skull in the background by Rafaël
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